Dear Readers,

I want to make your experience with “The Dying Eye” the very best possible.  I’ve created a new blog to be devoted 100% to every stage of the film-making process.

You can visit it at http://thedyingeyemovie.wordpress.com/

Since I am focusing my time solely on this feature for the next 7 months, the “Meditz Productions” blog will fall mostly silent for that duration.  The only posts on this site will be guest writings or any other information that I need to share that is unrelated to the film.

So, please shift gears to “The Dying Eye”‘s NEW blog.

It’s awesome, cool, and super easy to navigate.  Go check out our pictures, videos, and read some awesome news on our film!

****Be sure to “FOLLOW” The Dying Eye Movie Blog and get updates delivered straight to your email.  Click the “FOLLOW” at the upper-right-hand corner of page, and you’ll be good to go!

I look forward to welcoming you there!

Best wishes,

Shiphrah Meditz

Director & Producer at “The Dying Eye” (2013)

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About Meditz Productions

Meditz Productions is an independent film company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in June 2011 by C.E.O. Shiphrah Meditz, Meditz Productions has since created two short films and a music video for the Bastrop County victims of the 2011 wildfires. Current work includes production of the feature film "The Dying Eye" in Edinburgh, Scotland. Motto: "To connect people through the imaginative universe of stories"

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